Wireless NDI PTZ with Vmix

Good day guys, here i am testing out my latest PTZ camera from swifgear to have a wireless video and control over my PTZ from my Vmix PC. After a bit of configuration i got it all to run and i can say it works flawlessly, i am able to control and also preset a number of camera angles from Vmix. The coolest thing is this camera also have auto tracking built in, with a single button it automaticaly frames the talent with mid and long shot depending where you place this camera and follows with pan tilt and zoom.

Video quality is HD, 1080 with a 1 sec latency on Vmix, this is OK for livestream. For livefeed there is a 4K HDMI or HD-SDI connecton for real time video.

There is a mic built into this camera for sound capture or you can also have a line in from a external audio mix for clean sound

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