Swifgear ptz camera

Hello there, video creators! I was introducing a new and popular ptz camera model SG811 from swifgear this week to our client for use in their studio and on their outside field work. PTZ camera gives you pan tilt and zoom so you don't have to have a cameraman in the room, they're great for sports production, education instutions or place of worship.

My one-hour hands on demonstration focused mostly on the camera's ease of use and practical functions when used in conjunction with a vMix PC.

For the Windows operating system, vMix is a software vision mixer. StudioCoast PTY LTD is the company that created the programme.

It allows users to switch inputs, mix sounds, record outputs, and live stream cameras, videos files, audio, and more in resolutions up to 4K, just like most vision mixing applications. In many cases, the software may also serve image magnification (IMAG) and projection demands via a PCI blackmagic capture card with different configurable external input, output, and display options.

Some good features that is unique with this camera is

1. Its powered by AC or a portable G or V-mount battery 6-24hrs depending on battery capacity

2. Wireless control by joystick panel

3. Wireless Hand held IR TV remote controller with presets

4. Wireless control from your PC with presets

The only need a HD SDI or HDMI cable to a Blackmagic Switcher, vMix or wirecast PC for your multi camera production projects.

No latency for hardware switcher such as from blackmagic, but a slight latency of 0.5sec is noted when connected to PC switcher, this is common for all SDI cameras to PC.

Video quality is awesome with optics from Panasonic, Lens parameters Image sensor 1/2.8 inch HD CMOS with an effective pixel of 16:9  2.10million effective pixel

Video format is1080 with this model of 20 x optical zoom, Angle 58.7°(Wide)~3.2°(Tele) and loads of settings within the menu.

During my demo all 3 camera is operated by a single operator with camera setting set to auto for iris/focus.

So setting up for production will be PTZ camera, HDSDI cable and switcher and it ready to go.

Lastly, what i can conclude is that this camera is very affordable, great value for money for what it can do. For support, warranty and parts is available through a distributer in Kuala Lumpur, West malaysia.

Other PTZ model available are NDI, Tracking, and 4k

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