For a hybrid classroom and remote learning solution, Swifgear offers a PTZ camera.

Updated: Apr 7

Endemic 1 april 2022, As employees return to their workplaces and students return to their classrooms and lecture halls, the limitations and consequences of a global epidemic continues to loom large.

Workplaces and educational institutions must follow health and safety standards such as frequent sanitising, with meeting room capacity limitations, and other social distancing requirements to reopen safely.

We had the pleasure to introduce this technology to a local university in malaysia

Made with ease of use for the lecturer, this camera automatically adjusts brightness and focus as it pan, tilt, and zoom.

The camera's functioning is simple; simply press a preset button on the hand held remote controller to shift the camera to the desired angle.

It is possible to put either a turntable or a table within the room if the speaker wants to offer the audience a zoom close up perspective of an object.

Picture quality is awesome with REALTIME 1080 HD video output to classroom projector and video conferencing (zoom microsoft meeting etc)

.Lip sync audio is always in syncronise in both classroom and online.

We do provide local warranty, service and support, for malaysia, 4K PTZ camera and auto tracking model is also available

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