Video Upconversions

If you want to digitally upconvert VHS,DV, BetaSp, Digibeta Standard Definitions 576, or 720P  to 1080 High Definitions and higher

Our company has developed a hardware "Multi Core Processing Machine” in learning video algorithm real time which intelligently upscales lower-resolution content without creating artifacts or other visual errors.

The system works by continually comparing different versions of the input video stream. The AI looks at low and high-resolution versions of each frame, enabling it to identify the differences as the quality is increased. Using this analysis, it can accurately fill in the missing details on the upscaled frames.

Sub-pixel processing and multi-directional diagonal X/Y filters are also used to eliminate “jaggies” during upconversion 10bit image processing, that means your video is converted in real time with amazing detail, sharpness and clarity.

That means you get the cleanest looking conversions and images retain as much detail and clarity as possible!