Consumer ROV

Operated by a remote controller on the surface this latest drone that can go down to depths of 150 meters and capture 4K video with  streams of  1080p. 


It has six thrusters in addition to a self-balancing algorithm. This feature helps protect it against threats to its stability, such as underwater currents, sea creatures, and unmovable objects, while it is moving through the water. 


It has a 4K camera. This camera delivers detailed images that have reduced graininess. The resolution is incredible as well. For example, HD photos have a resolution of 2 megapixels while a 4K one has 8 megapixels.


Other features include having a Bluetooth controller and an interface where users can install a robotic arm, underwater microphone, or other accessories. Additionally, this underwater drone can dive to 150 meters, which is deepest achievable by consumer underwater drones.