Video Conferencing Services

With additional equipment and special arrangements, you can engage in Video Conferencing which enables multiple participants to have a “virtual” face to face meeting from anywhere. This technology combines Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing 

Both Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing are beneficial when travel time or expense is a consideration, or if parties can't come to the same physical location. We will help you decide what equipment makes the most sense for the communications needed.


Coca-cola( Taste the feeling) Conferencing Malaysia & Singapore

This event was done LIVE and in real time via the internet between Coca cola HQ Malaysia and HQ Singapore coca cola on the launching of the new coca cola tagline.

Location 1 Malaysia

Multicamera coverage and  conference system


Location 2 Singapore

 Multicamera coverage and  conference system

Hospital operating theater and Hotel ballroom two way A/V conferencing


This event was done LIVE and in real time to demonstrate  a operating procedure 

Location 1

Hospital Operating theater

Multicamera coverage and conference systems  


Location 2

Hotel Ballroom

Multicamera coverage and conference systems