Manage and record your livestream events through our secure, private and copyright-free platform

Streaming with ease and convenience 

9 Benefits of using our  Live Streaming platform 


1. Mobile Streaming directly from your very own (smartphones, webcam pc-laptops, cameras with encoders etc)

2. No copyright restrictions for audio / video

3. Your very own private streams  

4. Provide an internet link for easier audience access will be available 3 days before the event (smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc)

5. HD Streams available

6. Ad-Free streaming

7. Multi Platform (facebook, You tube, vimeo, etc ) Streaming is also available

8. Customer service and assistance

9. Stream is recorded (H.264)


1. Corporate Live Events

2. Live Weddings

3. Private Functions

4. Product launch   

5. Promotions

whatapp :  vince 0162162318