On Demand Webinar Services

Keep your audience engaged

Interact with your attendees using chat, polls, screen sharing, whiteboards,and Webinar software integration to get your message across.


1. Provide attendees with easy access to your webinar room – no plug-in / software installation required.

2. Get extra exposure by livestreaming your webinar on YouTube or Facebook.

3. Upload images and document files to share during your presentations.

4. Add a call-to-action to promote your products or send people to your site.

5. Use interactive whiteboards to share and brainstorm ideas.

6. Use the powerful chat feature to boost attendee engagement and understanding, request real-time reactions, and enable private        discussions.

7. Gather more feedback with smart polls, including single-choice and multiple-choice questions.

8. Share your full or partial screen to show attendees what you’re working on.

9. Add YouTube videos to enhance your webinar.

Video Conferencing Services

With additional equipment and special arrangements, you can engage in Video Conferencing which enables multiple participants to have a “virtual” face to face meeting from anywhere. This technology combines Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing 

Both Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing are beneficial when travel time or expense is a consideration, or if parties can't come to the same physical location. We will help you decide what equipment makes the most sense for the communications needed.


Coca-cola( Taste the feeling) Conferencing Malaysia & Singapore

This event was done LIVE and in real time via the internet between Coca cola HQ Malaysia and HQ Singapore coca cola on the launching of the new coca cola tagline.

3 systems were use

1. 2 unit 3 Camera with Switcher Coverage (Malaysia, Singapore)

2. 2 unit  Video Conferencing Systems (Malaysia, Singapore)

3. 1 unit Livestream  to the WEB (Malaysia)