YAMAHA Professional PA System

Basic items;

1. 6pcs 12" Yamaha Active Tops

2. 2 pcs 15" Yamaha Subs

3. Yamaha Mixer 

4. 4 pcs Wireless Mic

5. 4 pcs Wired Mics

6. 2 pcs DI

Cables, Stands & Accessories

Wedding Events

Kai Jie & Pooi Kuan Wedding Event: 19-03-2017 JADE Restaurant OUG

Testmonial from Kai Jie & Pooi Kuan

An upbeat love song can easily make me feel happy and giddy, as it reminds me of my first date with my husband,while classic music make me warm and fuzzy, as it reminds me of his romantic proposal. All my memories flow when they started to perform.


 I cannot stress enough the quality of the music they perform. TwoPro Media Productions are not only exceptionally talented, they are also a pleasure to work .Throughout the planning process they were very helpful and quick to respond to all questions we raised. They accommodated all of our song choices and preferences. They even ensure the whole wedding to flow smoothly throughout.


Out of all the decisions we made for the wedding, they were by far the best one. I can't thank you guys for making our wedding so memorable! Guests have been talking about The live band non stop.


TwoPro Media Productions was an incredible band and we did enjoy 5 stars performance with such a reasonable price.