Florence Lee

Business Development


Florence is a highly experienced media business professional, whose career to date has been spent working in the audio ,video and event production sectors. This has given her a far -reaching and thorough understanding of the creative media and digital content landscapes.


Mr Vince

Multimedia Technical Specialist

Technical Support & Consultant   (Inovasi Makmur Jaya Sdn Bhd) Panasonic & Blackmagic Broadcast System Integrator 



 4G/5G  Video systems / Internet LIVECAST / Multi Camera Production / Projection / 

Post Production systems / UHD /  HD / WEB Formats and codecs


Vince had devoted his entire life in the Multimedia/Broadcasting Industry. His forte has been in the Technical aspects of broadcast media industry. With well over 30 years of experience, today he oversees major projects ranging from LIVE / Recorded Events to local drama and documentary productions. Much of his time, away from project assignments is taken to research on the latest breakthrough in the media and broadcast industry and helping out local charities for production work.


Mr Loh Kim Loong 

Information Technology (IT) MCSE 



Social Media Broadcasting/  Sipcom Technology / Digital Archiving / IT Solution / Web / Internet / Video Servers / Firewalls and Web marketing Excellent analytical thinking and diagnostic abilities, Proficient in cloud based computing and software management with extensive knowledge of networking equipment, infrastructure and protocols